Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Birthday Boy!

We just celebrated Bretts 26th Birthday. Can't you tell how
"happy" he is from his picture? Yeah, he was just being a stinker. Brett isn't so big on celebrating any holiday at all, which is odd but oh well. Anyway, he just wanted to stay home for dinner but I refused because, well pretty much I think it is a great excuse to go out. It turned into a fun night, at least I think it was and tomorrow is actually his Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE BOY!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Erica's Bakery

I am crazy! Always coming up with some grand idea of something new I can do. Work at the airport (for free flights of course), work at a hotel (again, cheap travel), peir 1 (for Christmas decorations) etc...etc...etc... Well one of my ideas was to start baking treats for dental offices. I was pretty much considering quitting my dental assisting job and starting up the baking company. (Good thing no one from work has my blog address!) Well, I got over my day dreaming and decided to stick with my great job. Long story short, I am now making treats for the marketing rep of my company to take to all the offices. I thought I was going to be doing like 20-22 doz a month but I am now realizing it is more like 50-75 a month. I can't complain, but it sure is a lot of work. Pretty much a part time job. Anyway, here are a few pics of my first day on the new job...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Snug as A Bug in A Rug

Well, Brett and I just spent this past weekend in Heber in a cabin my family goes to every couple years. We had a lot of fun as usual. It's always interesting when you get 32 family members in one home for a weekend. As my sister Jill said, it definantly wasn't a relaxing vacation but what do you expect with that many kids running around?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Of course there is an obnoxious story to go along with this incident! So, Brett noticed one day that we had a couple of these fun holes in our bedroom window. We didn't know where they came from but a coulpe days later the truth revealed itself. We had just sat down to have a nice little romantic dinner together and we hear something hitting the side of our house. We went to the window and discovered two little hoodlems on the other side of the wall from us with sling shots and rocks! Well, Brett went ahead and wooped out the video camera so we would have some evidence. Eventually the boys saw us and we came to the quick conclusion that they weren't the most intelligent kids we have ever come across. They just kept right on with thier routine, knowing that we were taping them. They flipped us off a few times, put on some halloween masks and even broke another window. In the meantime, I am on the phone with the police and they showed up in no time. Yeah, I know, it might be lame that I called the cops instead of going over and saying something. But lets just say the fellow outside (who ended up being the babysitter) was a little sketchy looking and let's be honest, you never know who the crazies are. Long story short, the two 9 year old boys came over and apologized and their parents are paying for both windows to be repaiered. Keepin it real in the hood!

Our Fantastic Hawaii Trip!

Brett and I went on a two week trip to Hawaii this past May/June. We had so much fun except for the issue of me getting a fever blister the day we got there, no, not a coldsore, a huge fever blister that took over half of my lip and Brett always wanted me to be aware that he could see the water sloshing in it. Too much info? Sorry, it's what I do best. Anyway, Brett loved playing in the water with the Sea Turtles, while I kept my distance and my eyes wide open for any predators that might come my way.