Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Our Halloween tradition is going to my brother and sis-in-laws, having dinner and taking the kids around trick-or-treating. The reason being becuase in their neighborhood there is a fantastic show every halloween. A couple doors down, their friends put on a huge production that takes months and months to prepare. In the past there has been War of the Worlds, Star Wars (Brett and probably every boys fav.), Phantom of the Opera and this year was inspired by the opening Olympic ceremony. You wouldn't believe how many hours goes into what they do and the money! They had 20 cast members. Anyway, it was great! Unfortunatly we didn't get any pics of it, but here are a couple of Jordan and Harlee (neice and nephew).

My most creative sister Jill brought this as the centerpeice for our dinner. Darling! I still haven't quite figured our why she got all the talent?


Brett got 4 tickets to the Suns game on Thursday night (opening night) so Matt and Katie went with us. The game was embarrassing to watch with all the turnovers and everything else that was going on but the highlight, and pretty much why Brett got the tickets, was because Brian McKnight opened with the national anthem and did the half time show. He is fantastic! It was a fun night, we also went to the Saturday night game against the Portland Trail Blazers and it was a much better game! We really like Matt Barnes, he is a great player!