Wednesday, February 6, 2008

South Mtn. Hike

Jan. 26th, I took the blazer scout group (11-12 years old) to complete their 5 mile hike requirement, up South Mtn. Well 5 miles was exactly to the top, and the scouts were DONE hiking so we turned around. I hate being that close and turing back, so....
Feb. 2nd, Erica and I hiked up South Mtn. (Thats the one with all the red tower lights) It was 2.5-3 miles each way, about 6 miles round trip. The weather was great, the view was fantastic (if you can get beyond all the smog) and it was alot of fun. We took some Video from the top as well.... but I am working on getting that posted here as well. Brett A. Paxman

Brett and Erica Paxman

After a 4 month engagment, 7 months of dating, and years of friendship, Brett Paxman and Erica Scott were married in the evening of June 2nd of 2006 in the Snowflake AZ Temple.