Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recent Events

Final month of baking?
Though we are not sure, it does look that way, at least for now. We had been baking anywhere between 1500-2000 cookies every month since September. The month of May might have been our last month. Erica’s boss, under budget pressure as asked up to take a break from the baking for the summer, though we both think it might extend longer. Though all the baking is extremely intense, the additional income was nice, and we were able to do the baking and packaging together so it wasn’t all too difficult.
For the month of May instead of dozens of cookies we made about 135 White Chocolate Bundt cakes with lemon icing. It wasn’t our best month, but overall they turned out good. It will be nice to get our house and refrigerator back as both are often consumed by ingredients and the final product.

Memorial Day Weekend
We needed to make a visit to Snowflake, so with Memorial Day Weekend upon us we decided it would be a good long weekend to get out of the heat. As it played out, the weather for the 3 day weekend was actually very pleasant here in the Phx Metro area, so our weekend turned out to be less of an escape than previously thought, but still enjoyable. Snowflake was cool and often wet as rain showers continually fell. Two of Erica’s siblings now live in Snowflake/Taylor, and another two had the same great weekend getaway idea as us, so 5 of the 6 Scott children were in town, making for some WILD and CRAZY moments with so many kids running around, but it is always fun to be around so much family!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Date Night!

Erica is finally getting used to the idea that it often takes a couple of weeks worth of begging before a Date Night will actually take place. Well this last Friday was just one of those Date Night that was a few weeks in the making.

Venturing out we decided to try something new and take the LIGHT RAIL to Mill Ave in Tempe. Those who know where we live realize that this might seem a little ridiculous considering we are less than 5 miles from Mill. Well the truth is that for some odd reason, I am pretty obsessed with the LIGHT RAIL. Not sure why really, but I just get excited whenever I see one of those trains. So our taking the LIGHT RAIL for a short trip to Mill Ave was really an attempt to get it out of my system. Well it was kind of fun to try out but not that big of a deal, BUMMER!. It is unfortunate that Public Transit has such a bad reputation, but typically (I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if they do use Public Transit, KUDOS in fact if you do.) Public Transit is full of the CRAZY CREW. We sat across from a guy who CLEARLY was talking to himself. and it was not a casual or polite conversation. (I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt that he had a small BLUETOOTH device, but no such luck.)
So arriving on Mill Ave we went to RA for a little sushi. We are both big fans of the Sushi! That green Wasabi stuff! WOW, what a kick! As you will see in the pictures, though we enjoy Sushi, we often find our selves torn, FORK or CHOP STICK? Neither of us can use the CHOP STICK well, Erica actually tries everytime, i am too stuborn to even try! Give me the good old fashion WESTERN FORK!
We then had some sort of Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich from some place called COOKIEZ on Mill Ave. I don’t think either of us would recommend the place.
Then we went and watched a Movie. I am ashamed to say we actually sat through the movie GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST. Overall it ended on a good note, but it was chalk full of naughty raunchy language/discussion. Neither of us would in any way recommend this movie to anyone. (should have seen STAR TREK, bet you can guess who wanted to see which movie) Check out our pictures, Thanks!