Sunday, April 12, 2009

Visit to the Mtn

When ever we talk to people from around the Phx Valley area, and the topic of "Where are you from?" comes up, we both get asked the same question. " Do you visit often" in refernce to our parents living up in the White Mtns. Truth is.... No, we dont visit often, and before you judge us, let me explain. #1 Our parents, both her's and mine, come down to the valley at least monthly. So its not that we don't see our parents often. Seems we might make 3-5 trips up the mtn per year. So we don't visit our parents in their homes very often, but they visit us in our home frequently. #2 Though SNOWflake is not actually known for its SNOW, Pinetop (where my parents are from) is known for being COVERED with that wet, white, cold stuff. In fact, 4-6 months of the year Pinetop can be covered in snow. Erica and myself, we don't have a vehicle that can handle the wet, icy, dangerous roads in the winter, so when we do visit the Mtn in the winter, we have been known to get SNOWED IN. (as was the case this Christmas, as well the weekend we got engaged, in 2006 when 4 feet of snow fell in Pinetop in the month of MARCH.)

That being said, we realized that Easter weekend us upon us, and we had not been up the Mtn to visit since Christmas. (starting to feel like those UN-NAMED religous type that only attend church twice a year, Christmas and Easter) So up the Mtn for Easter we went.

We figured that it is now mid April, we shouldn't have to worry about getting snowed in again, for the 2nd time this year. Well.....we woke up Saturday morning in Pinetop to about 4-6 inches of snow. Granted, the roads are clear, and we didn't get snowed in..... but just a reminder that either A) we need to avoid the mtn during the 'Winter' season, or B) we need to get us an ALL WHEEL DRIVE car/truck/suv if we want to brave the Mtn during the winter.

Anyway.... thats my rant for now.... here are a couple pictures from the snowy Easter weekend.

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