Monday, April 6, 2009

A first time for everything. Even for Brett

So this is the 1st time I am creating a blog post. This 1st blog post is about my 1st ONLINE video. I'm made a few little video/photo type things in the past.... but this is the 1st one that I've ever posted online. It's simple... and basic... but i really love this sort of thing. I spent the better part of a month last summer editing our Hawaii videos and photos, from about 7+ hours of vacation memories down to about 2 and a half.
After seeing the success of my older brothers photography efforts, a part of me would really like to get into the video/editing... world.... I really enjoy creating something.... ANYWAY. Who knows, right!? Well if you are interested, follow the link and check out the short video/commercial I made for my brother. Take Care All!

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Kelly Merrell said...

Look at you, making movies, hodge podge. I say go for it. So, what are you guys up to? We're just having a baby in 4 weeks, you know. The usual.