Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recent Events

Final month of baking?
Though we are not sure, it does look that way, at least for now. We had been baking anywhere between 1500-2000 cookies every month since September. The month of May might have been our last month. Erica’s boss, under budget pressure as asked up to take a break from the baking for the summer, though we both think it might extend longer. Though all the baking is extremely intense, the additional income was nice, and we were able to do the baking and packaging together so it wasn’t all too difficult.
For the month of May instead of dozens of cookies we made about 135 White Chocolate Bundt cakes with lemon icing. It wasn’t our best month, but overall they turned out good. It will be nice to get our house and refrigerator back as both are often consumed by ingredients and the final product.

Memorial Day Weekend
We needed to make a visit to Snowflake, so with Memorial Day Weekend upon us we decided it would be a good long weekend to get out of the heat. As it played out, the weather for the 3 day weekend was actually very pleasant here in the Phx Metro area, so our weekend turned out to be less of an escape than previously thought, but still enjoyable. Snowflake was cool and often wet as rain showers continually fell. Two of Erica’s siblings now live in Snowflake/Taylor, and another two had the same great weekend getaway idea as us, so 5 of the 6 Scott children were in town, making for some WILD and CRAZY moments with so many kids running around, but it is always fun to be around so much family!


Johnna Jayne said...

That's nice you guys will be able to take a break from baking during the HOT summer. Glad you were able to get away for some fam fun in Snowflake.

Matt, Katie & Jayden said...

So what are you going to do with all that ribbon? Oh well I guess.

Micah and Aaron said...
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Micah and Aaron said...

I love how you package all your goodies!! They are always so cute and so creative!! We haven't seen you guys in awhile, we should get together sometime!!